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About TouchFinder
3-in-1 Service

TouchFinder has been providing innovative high-tech solutions for the exhibition industry for over fifteen years. Our services include:

  1. Touch Screen Product/Service Locator
  2. Touch Screen Seminar Locator
  3. Internet Site Creation & Maintenance
  4. Brochure/Catalogue/CD-ROM Publishing
  5. Touch Screen Market Research Questionnaire
These services may be used collectively or independently according to your needs.

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Surrey, SM1 4EE
Tel: 020 8770 3700
Fax: 020 8661 9295
Although TouchFinder was originally conceived for the exhibition market, in essence the same principle applies for hotels, shopping centres, casinos, sports and leisure complexes, tourist information centres, etc., in fact, any environment in which a customer or visitor requires information and valuable staff time can be put to better purpose than answering the same question time after time after time.

If you would like information on any of our services, or for a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Applications include:

Our Clients include:
  • Corporate Reception Systems
  • CD-ROM Authoring
  • Database Design & Management
  • Internet Setup, Website Design & Authoring
  • Market Research & Survey Questionnaires
  • On-line Brochures & Catalogues
  • Point of Information Kiosks
  • PoS Information Systems
  • Registration & Data Capture
  • Seminar & Conference Locators
  • Show Guide Publishing & Advertising

  • Clarion Events
  • The Exhibition Bulletin
  • The Exhibitor Club
  • Food from Britain
  • The Harrogate Toy Fair
  • IBM & Lexmark International
  • London Fashion Council
  • MAFF
  • Montgomery Exhibitions
  • Potato Marketing Board
  • Scottish Enterprise Operations
  • Shetland Islands